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10 Powerful Job Interview Checklist

10 Powerful Job Interview Checklist – What you must say and Do to pass any Interview.
Constantin Fahom

If you have an interview coming up, at any level whatsoever, then make sure you read and apply the advice that follows. These tips have helped lots of people pass their interview, and so will them for you as well.

1. Have your answer already prepared for the very first question of the interview “Tell me about yourself”.
If there is one thing I can guarantee you about job interviews, then it´s that you will be asked this question and you need to understand and know how to answer it. Most candidates don’t understand the sense of this question and answer it by annoying the recruiter with information he´s already seen in the resume. For you to stand out and mark very important points from the very beginning of the interview, answer this question as if you were asked “Why should we hire you for this job”.
Here is my suggestion to the famous question “Tell me about yourself”.
Say this …

I´m hard-working, creative and professional team-worker who always puts the need of my employer before my own.
I believe I have the necessary strengths, qualities and attributes to perform the role to a very high standard, and having researched your company in detail, you are the organization I want to work for.

If you hire me, I feel you will be impressed with my strong work ethics, values, integrity and honesty

Understand that a job interview is a sales situation by excellence, in which you have to convince the buyer (recruiter) of the quality and benefits of your product (skills, experience) from the very first moments of exchange. Remember that the first impression counts most and…..

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